Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Ok, my blog is back up and running! Yippee! Last week was the grand opening of the new Barmani Lounge in the heart of Roslyn Village! A good time was had by all. (Pictures to follow - of course!) If you want a great meal, come on down. And remember, Wednesday is lobster night! For a review and more info, click here.

Saturday, August 10, 2002

[7/30/2002 4:25:26 PM | Paul aka Harry]
Well, this past Tuesday, after about 6 years, my Micron Pentium II 450 finally died. The motherboard is dead, the floppy is dead, it's dead. So I went on a quest for a replacement so that I could get back up and running, email, websites, programming, anything to make a few bucks while I go into my 11 months on unemployment. So, I went computer shopping at MicroCenter and checked out their store brand (powerspec) and HP. But I want a DELL! But could I get a Dell shipped to me ASAP. Wednesday nite, I called Jeremy Holland at Dell to price out a system and check on how quick it could be shipped. In order to get (what they call) an exact shipping date, I had to give my Credit Card number. But, no go, I wouldn't get it until next week, so, even though I really wanted a Dell, it looked like I would have to get a non-Dell computer. I thanked Jeremy, told him to cancel the order, and I would go computer shopping on Thursday. I told Jeremy to email me the quote and his information in case things changed and I would end up ordering a Dell. I spent Thursday at CompUSA, MicroCenter, and other computer stores. I was desparate, I walked into MicroCenter, told the sales guy to write out a sales slip for their PowerSpec. He started writing, I started thinking, what about a name brand, i.e. HP. So I stopped the salesman, looked at the HP, got even more confused. I told him I still had to think about it and I walked out.

Then, once again, thinking "I really want a Dell", I said, maybe Dell could ship me a "refurbished" unit quicker. So I called Dell Refurb Department, had a nice chat with the sales man, and after about 30 minutes, figured it could not be done. So, I guess I am not getting a Dell. Back to MicroCenter I went, mulled around the store for an hour and walked out empty handed. Where could I get a Dell ASAP. Hey, schools usually stock Dells, I am a student, I checked Nova's online bookstore and they carry Dell's, I checked a few schools in the area and they carry Dells, I called and they said they only sell full systems, with monitors. I don't need a new monitor, if I wanted they system without the monitor, it would have to be a custom order.

Back to square one. Back to a few more computer stores, i.e. Radio Shack (yech), Sears (bigger yech). I want a Dell, I guess I am going to have to order one, and wait the two weeks. But at least I would be able to order the exact system I wanted. So here I sit, on Dell's website, configuring my ideal (at least ideal enuff for someone who is on a tight budget (being out of work 10+ months)) system. And, since Jeremy was so nice to me on the phone at Dell (or was he? (explanation to follow)), I thought I would call him back and place the order with him. So, just now, I call Dell, ask for the sales guy who I had talked to on Wednesday. The customer rep on the phone looks me up and says "I would be happy to transfer you to Jeremy, and thanks for buying a Dell!". "What", I say, "I haven't bought yet". "Oh, but sir, you ordered shipped today!"

BUT I CANCELLED THE ORDER! It's not the system I want. Jeremy said it could not ship that fast! HE LIED! HE DID NOT CANCEL THE ORDER! What the hey.

I check online, one order was cancelled, one wasn't! I only placed one order with Jeremy, not two! What is going on! Now what do I do? Do I take the system that isn't perfect and is shipping ground! Do I place the order for the right system and ship over night and pay more!

What do I do?

Please help

and Have a nice day

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